Jason Wu Inspired by Ugo Rondinone 2017

Chiffon and 3D appliques were some of what made it into Jason Wu’s Spring 2017 show. Playful colors pulled the collection together which were inspired by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. The mixed media artist is known to use a wide range of mediums and two of his sculptures proved to be great inspiration for Wu. Seven Magic Mountains and Hell, Yess!.

Seven Magic Mountains, 2016 By Ugo Rondinone


Hell, Yess!, 2001 By Ugo Rondinone

Seven Magic Mountains is a large installation that is made of thirty to thirty five foot high totems and sits in Clark County, Nevada about ten miles south of Las Vegas. Rondinone strategically placed the installation there with mountain ranges, desert and Jean Dry Lake on one side and Interstate 15, with its constant flow of traffic, on the other. The piece of art sits between what is natural and what is artificial. It’s a take on human’s impact on nature and symbolizes the juxtaposition between nature and Interstate 15. The locally sourced boulders, which the totems are made of, represent nature. The day-glo colors, which they were painted, represent what is man-made. The totems can be seen from Interstate 15 and the vibrant colors can be seen in Wu’s collection.


A look from Jason Wu’s Spring 2017 show

Lively colors from the collection are also taken from Hell, Yess!. This piece is one of Rondinone’s many rainbow word sculptures. It is artificial but has a great natural message. It indicates openness, fearlessness and optimism. Like with Seven Magic Mountains, the positive meaning of the sculpture was brought to Wu’s collection through color.


A look from Jason Wu’s Spring 2017 show

The energetic hues were seen on dresses, shirts, bags, a pair of pants and other pieces. Some looks also played into the natural aspect of Rondinone’s art. Sheer material and nude tones were a contrast to the bright colors.


Two looks from Jason Wu’s Spring 2017 show

These sheer materials and nude tones mimicked the body. Floral, hand-embroidered appliqués also played into nature while their upbeat colors gave an artificial touch.


A look from Jason Wu’s Spring 2017 show (L) A close up of the look (R)

Rondinone using the juxtaposition between what is natural and artificial is really what inspired Wu. It’s what led his art to be the starting point of the Spring 2017 collection.

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