David Yurman and Jihan Zencirli Collaboration 2019

2019’s summer solstice brought David Yurman and artist Jihan Zencirli, who also goes by Geronimo, together. You may have seen their collaboration promoted as David Yurman x Fondazione Geronimo, as Fondazione Geronimo is Zencirli’s Foundation, “fondazione” being foundation in Italian. Anyway, the solstice was on June 21st and the duo celebrated with a jewelry collection, an art installation, a private soiree and an event open to the public in Madison Square Park in New York City. The party was on the 20th and yes a summer solstice is great, as it marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but what was truly being celebrated was the launch of David Yurman’s limited edition Solari Collection.

David Yurman’s Solari Collection has multiple designs but the limited edition Solari collection, in collaboration with Geronimo, only includes three colored bracelets. It was made special to celebrate their partnership with Zencirli.


Inspired by the collection, Geronimo created an installation in Madison Square Park. It was done to promote Yurman’s collection and stayed up through the 23rd in order for the public to enjoy. It had inflatable arches, the highest standing 18 feet tall, spheres and cubes. The entire work of art was colorful and brought the same bright summery feel to the park as the Solari bracelets brought to those who bought them.


Jihan Zencirli (Geronimo)’s art installation in Madison Square Park

Those purchasing the bracelets had the choice of blue, yellow or orange agate beads and enjoyed the quality of 18k gold. “With colored gemstones, pearls and orbs of precious metal, this collection celebrates the simple elegance of the sphere.” Said best on David Yurman’s website. The designs were only available at their SoHo store or if you called a customer service phone number.


David Yurman limited edition Solari Collection 

If the art installation did it’s job and got you to David Yurman’s store in SoHo to purchase a bracelet, you would have gotten to see the display that had bracelets floating in mid air. The fun promotion of the collection definitely continued into the store. You would have also received a limited edition poster signed by Geronimo and may have even gotten to meet her as she stopped by to sign some.


Jihan Zencirli (Geronimo) at the Solari event in Madison Square Park

The vivacious artist has been creating installations in public spaces since 2011. Usually using hundreds or thousands of balloons which no doubt bring excitement to those viewing them. Her work has become distinctive and in 2017 she won the Edge award at the LA Design Festival. It described her work as “arguably the most recognizable public art installations in the country.” Geronimo makes art for events but admirably, she also works with nonprofit organizations. Her work always brings joy to a space as it did in Madison Square Park. People who went could take pictures in photo booths and world record hula hooper Marawa Wamp, who holds the record for using 200 hula hoops at once, even made an appearance.


Marawa Wamp at the Solari event in Madison Square Park

While the installation was open to the public, David Yurman brand ambassadors handed out 500 paper fans a day that could be brought to David Yurman’s Soho store for a prize. 500 tokens for free frozen custard were also handed out each day. The weekend event, done around Geronimo’s installation, definitely created a lively atmosphere. It created enthusiasm for the simple but vibrant limited edition Solari Collection.


David Yurman brand ambassadors at the Solari event in Madison Square Park  


David Yurman, Sybil Yurman and Jihan Zencirli at the private Solari party in Madison Square Park